About Us

About the beginnings of Mole Valley Quilters

A gathering of ladies interested in the craft of patchwork and quilting was arranged in April 1981 by Pat Salmon, a founder member of the Quilters Guild at her house in Bookham.  Two groups were formed for members to meet monthly in houses, plus some evening  meetings in public halls.  The first speaker was Valerie Campbell-Harding. The first exhibition of members' work was held in 1982 at the Harvey Road Gallery in Guildford, followed by a second in 1983.  Later exhibitions were held in venues mainly around Leatherhead including the Leisure Centre, the Fire and Iron Gallery, the Theatre and several churches in Fetcham and Bookham.

After a successful Exhibition at Harvey Road Mole Valley Quilters recruited many new members from the Guildford area and Mole Valley Quilters was established.

For many years MVQ met at the Catholic Church Hall in Fetcham, before moving to its current meeting place in the Harrison Room at Bookham Barn Hall. 

Many thanks to Jenny Morris for her contribution

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